Matt Puckett is a songwriter, arranger, producer and performer.  His work songwriting and assistant-producing for Tim Kubart's album, Home, helped bring them the 2015 Grammy for Best Children's Album.  From 2009-2016 he primarily worked with Austin, TX, indie orchestra Mother Falcon. In that time he produced 3 records and an EP, tour managed, co-arranged and played all over the country with them.  Puckett relocated to Brooklyn, NY, in early 2017 and is working on co-writes and helping bring new records to life.


In addition to helping other people make their dream records, Puckett also writes and records under his own name (formerly Brother Bear).  In fall of 2017 he released a collaborative record, American Neon, with Austin emcee/singer Protextor. The album, "a slick and glitzy genre-bender" (KUTX), garnered significant praise in Austin press and college radio play across the country. 


After years of low-budget home recordings, Puckett began work on studio recordings in New York in early 2018, and has an EP set to be released in early 2019.


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